Boy Scouts & Adventure Scouts

NOTICE TO TROOP 98… beginning April 30th, the Troop will begin meeting on Tuesday nights once again. You will meet on Tuesdays until further notice.

This page will feature news and pictures of our two scouting organizations that we sponsor: the Boy Scout Troop 98 and Adventure Scouting.

From Scoutmaster Kelly King: “Boy Scout Troop 98 participated in a fun float on the Opequon Creek with the Opequon Creek Project Team on Sunday, May 19.  The boys had fun on the float and are already asking to do it again.  After the float the Opequon Creek Project Team ran a WET program for the boys, explaining how it was in the old days before running water, the kids had to carry water and fill up a trash can to see how hard it was and why they did not waste water.  After the WET program there was a very nice picnic, where the boys filled up on hamburgers and hotdogs.  Also Cam from the Opequon Creek Project Team offered to come out and complete the kayak merit badge with the boys, so we will be scheduling a time to meet Cam on the creek to complete the merit badge.  A huge thanks goes out to the Opequon Creek Project Team from Troop 98 for inviting us.”

Garrett, Nate, and Mitchell testing  out the kayaks before launch.

WACC Troop 98 kayak 1

WACC Troop 98 kayak

SCOUTS DO A “TREE PLANTING” PROJECT April 13th.  Scout Master Kelly King writes: “Garrett, Khris, Walter, and I helped plant about 190 trees this morning along the Opequon watershed.  The two boys put in 3 1/2 hours of community service and began work on their Forestry Merit Badge and also their Soil And Water Conservation Merit Badge.  Several more joined in tree planting the following Saturday morning out in Inwood.” Check out the pictures of the project (4):

The Opequon Watershed planting (April 14):

BSA planting trees 1 4-13-13

BSA planting trees 4-13-13

“Troop 98” Mr. Walter, Khris, Andrew, Garrett, Baileigh, Kelley, Carter, Sidney, helped plant 140 trees in Inwood along the Opequon Creek (April 20).

Troop 98 tree plant

The youngest scout: “It’s never to early to start Community Service” 19 month old Baileigh helping collect the pots from the trees that were being planted.

Youngest Scout

An “EAGLE SCOUT COURT OF HONOR” was conducted in our sanctuary on April 6th to induct Mitchell Allen Dyer as our newest Eagle Scout. The following pictures are from that ceremony:

Scout Master Kelly King calls the ceremony to order.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.03.04

Scouts Present and Post the colors and then lead in the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

BSA 2013-04-06 13.03.31

Some of the out of town family members in attendance…

BSA 2013-04-06 13.05.41

After the invocation by Pastor Ben Manning, we heard from our Master of Ceremonies, Troy Heck who introduced the program.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.06.02

After leading in “The Scout Oath,” Troy Heck talked about the “Trail to Eagle.”

BSA 2013-04-06 13.06.52

The Trail to Eagle, symbolically, included the lighting of three candles.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.08.09

The Red, White and Blue candles were each lighted, symbolic of the colors of our American Flag. The meaning for each color was related and tied to scouting….

BSA 2013-04-06 13.09.49

Mitchell was awarded the Eagle Pin which was pinned on by his mother:

BSA 2013-04-06 13.12.48

Troy and Mitchell’s mother presented and adjusted the white neck tie scarf.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.13.46

Everything is “straight!”

BSA 2013-04-06 13.13.54

The awarding of the mentor and advisor’s pin to Troy Heck who assisted Mitchell along the way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.16.33

A proud mother and son, Mitchell AllenDyer, our newest Eagle Scout.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.19.07

Boy Scouts from three Troops were present and participated in the ceremony.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.21.48

Following the ceremony there was a reception in Fellowship Hall.  A wonderful spread of food was provided by family members. It included this cake which featured the emblem of the Eagle Scout pin and medal.

BSA 2013-04-06 13.32.57

Our congratulations are extended to Mitchell Dyer, his family and the fellow Scouts and leaders who brought food to share at the reception.


Boy Scout Troop 98 on top of Pinnacle at Camp Rock Enon — Photo submitted by Scoutmaster Kelly King.   The Troop meets at WACC on Monday evenings.


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