Youth & Children’s Programs

With this page we will display some of the programs and activities we are planning or have had with our youth and children of the church.  See our “Scouting” page for Boy Scout and Adventure Scouting activities. We sponsor two scouting organizations.

Pastor Ben prepares to engage the “Young Disciples” (Children’s Sermon) in an important subject:

Young Disciples Dir

Below are some pictures taken during the Easter Egg Hunt and Program  sponsored by our Education Department for the children of our congregation. It was conducted on Saturday of “Holy Week.”  We thank Angel Webb, Chair of our Education Department for Coordinating this Event. Thanks also to the church members, parents and grand parents who helped set up and clean up.  Pastor Ben told the “Easter Story” while the children portrayed the story using stickers on a story board.

Children and Parents doing crafts prior to the meal:

WACC Easter Egg

Several tables were set up to do crafts at one end and coloring eggs at the other end:

WACC Easter egg 2

More egg coloring and crafts:

WACC Easter egg 3

The Easter Egg relay race is always a favorite:

WACC Easter egg 4

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