Reasons for a Church Endowment Program

Reasons for a Church Endowment Program

1. It provides a way for members who have been a part of, and love the church, to continue to support their church for generations to come. Family members and friends will be reminded of the person’s values and dedication.

2. Unlike one time gifts, a gift to an endowment program is not just used up and then forgotten.

3. It provides the church with a stable income flow to supplement the normal giving of the members. This helps the church to support it’s activities, maintenance and outreach.

4. It provides a way for people to include the church in their end of life planning and to be reassured as to how the gift will be used.

5. It gives members, who are regular givers to the church, a way to “leave their mark” and continue their giving forever.

6. Regular payouts from an endowment allow the church to plan more confidently for the future. A church with a strong endowment is simply more stable financially.

7. There is something very satisfying about doing something good that lasts, something that really makes a difference and benefits others for generations.

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