Gift Examples

Examples of How Gifts May be given to the Church 

Note: these examples emphasize how important it is to designate how a donor wishes a gift to be used. However, whether designated or not all gifts will be appreciated and used wisely. We seek to honor the intent of the donor. All gifts to the Church are tax deductible.

1. Henry leaves the church an amount of money to “ purchase a new organ.” This is a designated gift and would be used to purchase a new organ. This type of gift should have at least one alternate use designated in case the first option is not needed when the time comes.

2. Johnny sends a sizable gift to Winchester Avenue Christian Church designated to go to the “Elevator Fund.” This gift will be added to an already existing “elevator fund” and will be used toward the purchase of or paying off the debt used to provide an elevator for the church.

3. Mary leaves a house to the “Winchester Avenue Christian Church.” This is an undesignated estate gift. The Trustees would sell the house and the money placed in the PEP (Permanent Endowment Program).

4. Jack leaves some stock to the church “to be used where needed.” This gift would be considered discretionary and the Trustees would decide how it would be distributed.

5. George leaves the church a sum of money “to be invested and the income used to purchase sheet music.” The Trustees would have to establish a separate endowment-like account to do this.

6. Gloria gives the church some money and states that “it is for the Permanent Endowment Program in memory of my late husband Fred.” The money would be placed in the PEP in Fred’s memory.

7. A sum of money is received in the mail with no instructions and the donor cannot be identified. This is an undesignated gift — not from an estate — so it would go to the Trustees.

8. Peggy includes the church in her estate. She writes a letter stating that 50% of her bequest to the church is to go into the PEP and 50% is to go to the Trustees for building maintenance. Her gift would be distributed according to her request.

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