Clothing Closet Outreach

WACC’s Outreach Department operates a “Clothing Closet” to provide clean, well-kept clothing to anyone in the community with such needs.

Lee Baumgarten and his volunteer staff operate the “closet” Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Good News! Starting in March we will go back to our every Thursday schedule as we think we have enough new volunteers recruited. We provide clothing for all ages and genders.  Clients should come to the door facing Stephens Street and go to the church basement and sign in. We provide clients with one sack of clothing at no charge.

We are saddened to report that one of our key members and founder of our “Clothing Closet” passed away December (2015). Nancy Baumgarten (pictured below, left) founded this outreach endeavor almost six years ago and has been the spark that has kept this ministry going. We offer our since condolences to Lee and continue this ministry in honor of Nancy. Also, our dear friend, vocalist and colleague Buddy Trabert (pictured back row right) passed away in December 2016. We miss his passion for outreach and Gospel Music.

Here is the helpful and committed staff of our Clothing Closet. They are committed to serve. Pictured are (back) Calvin Hoffman, (second) Lee Baumgarten, director, Doug Dearing, Micky Funkhouser, (bottom) Danielle and Nancy Harbaugh. Not pictured are volunteers Genny Hedges, Joan Staubs and Mone Widmeyer and Carol Demuth.

Clothing Closet Staff

We are in constant need of donated clothing (clean and well kept). Drop off at the church or we can pick it up.  We are also seeking volunteers to help us in this effort and are thinking about opening the “closet” on Saturdays if we can get the volunteers. See Lee Baumgarten (our Outreach Chair) or Pastor Ben Manning if you are interested.

We also provide worship services every other month on he second Friday of those months. at the Rescue Mission. Kathy Gess and Carol Earehart coordinate this. Contact them if you want to take part. Every other month e.g. February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Support Outreach!

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